Learning from home #1 - Choosing a career in Artificial Intelligence

#EduMiles is commencing a series of online sessions for #students and #working #professionals, to help them learn and grow from the comforts of their homes. #LearningFromHome will be freely accessible materials that we shall be compiling, based on our experience and through inputs from our network. We hope to ensure that #collaboration and the #knowledge #economy continue to grow.

What in the world is life today, if not for #technology? While we are not talking about times spent with loved ones, a Sunday off from all electronic devices or a good round of puzzle, it is difficult not to admit the influence of digital technology in our lives.

As an #Education #startup, we value #teacherworkshops, #studentcoaching and #facetoface #engagement with school leaders, more than anything else. But technology, as always, has simplified stakeholder engagement for us during the national #lockdown.

To take our engagement #online, we have decided to start a series of #careercoachingtopics around different issues. From #mentalhealth to Careers in the time of Covid 19, we will be addressing all your concerns. To begin with, we have a finished session on #ArtificialIntelligence (or #AI) - a topic known to many but discovered in depth by a few.

If your child, student or friend is in need of a detailed and engaging conversation around #AI, please ask her to watch this video. Its only for 17 minutes, and free!

More #webinars and #interactivesessions are coming up soon! If you have a topic in mind, please leave a #comment in the section below, or email us at bahniman@edumiles.in