Crack your GD, WAT and PI rounds with our 360° Knowledge Sessions

The 2nd phase of the CAT admission process consists of Group Discussions (GD) or a Written Ability Test (WAT), followed by a round of Personal Interview (PI). This phase is often the determining step in a candidate’s final selection – and is abound with stories of meritorious students faltering due to their inability to succinctly convey their points of view or express their thoughts to the evaluators. 


To help you accomplish both with ease, our focus lies on two methods:

Personality Development Programme (PDP)

A process of self-analysis and reflection, the intent of EduMiles' PDP is to bring your attention to your strengths and weaknesses. Our guided program, designed and executed by IIM alumni, will help us in assessing and preparing you in fulfilling your ambition of studying in a B-school of repute.

Keeping cognizance of your personal and career aspirations, EduMiles will provide you with quick tips, skillful responses and quick thinking methods to ace the most grilling interview of your life.  

The PDP comprises of a well-structured program with 3 phases:


Analyse strengths and weaknesses using examples from your career / academic trajectory. A SWOT analysis will follow, guided by us which will help you put your best foot forward in an interview


This process intends to help you articulate measurable expectations for your career and how you will design them in line with the Management Training that you are getting into


Even the most well-planned of us need to depend on our effective communication skills to crack an interview with ease. For rising up and staying there, this skill is a must. Our well guided module will help you improve your verbal and non-verbal communication


Create awareness among students and increase their understanding of critical topics through interactive sessions. Our sessions empower students to confidently engage in a GD or a PI, without making factual errors


Our seasoned IIM Alumni will work with you to develop rich analytical skills.  Using their own experiences in GD, WAT and PI, they will demonstrate how to critically evaluate a given subject through an objective lens


To present a strong case for your selection, it is imperative that you combine your knowledge with verbal and non-verbal communication skills, to build a logical flow in your arguments. Our preparatory sessions aim for you to accomplish this with ease

Knowledge Sessions

Our cohort of IIM Alumni at EduMiles prepares aspirants appearing for competitive examinations through a series of Knowledge Sessions. These interactive workshops enlighten students with topics that encompass the entire gamut of the society - politics, economics, technology, sports, current affairs or international relations. CAT interviews generally demand an adept knowledge of such topics and more, most of which are covered by us.

Competitive examinations are known to put forth questions to the candidates like –

1.    How will you address India’s sliding GDP growth? or

2.    Will Robotics and Automation lead to large scale unemployment? or abstract statements like

3.    What does the colour Red mean to you?


It is imperative that the candidate not only has a sound knowledge of socio-economic and political issues, but should also be able to coherently analyse, articulate and present his/her understanding to the evaluator.

Through our expert Knowledge Sessions, students stand to learn 3 critical parameters for successful selection in examinations:

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