Accelerate your career growth with a stellar Resume

While students and working professionals spend hours in improving their test scores or performing well in GDs and PIs, it is important to remember that your Resume is the gatekeeper to the successful conversion of your candidature, since that is the first piece of document that the admission committee or interviewer reviews in your application.


Despite acquiring impressive qualifications or having a pleasing personality, it is usually the Resume that is the go-to document of the admission committee during your multiple rounds of interviews, and thereafter.

How can we help you?

Having been MBA aspirants and clearing the admission tests and interview rounds of various management colleges in India (primarily the IIMs) as well as a number of leading organisations worldwide, our team is well aware of the importance of a solid Resume, which will build a smooth foundation for the rest of your academic and professional career



We are equipped with a go-to guide on building an effective  Resume – focusing on the formatting, the content structure and how your work experience & extra-curriculars can shine through in the document


Nobody likes jargons, least of all people sitting in the admission committee to review your professional achievements. We make your achievements sound less cumbersome and more professional, in line with the requirements of the college or organisation you are applying to


Through the other processes, we will have full length conversations with you to assess your strengths. We will focus on building your Resume around skills that have created a difference in your previous academic institute, volunteering initiative, professional setup and training courses undertaken