Let your SOP differentiate you from your competition

A well-articulated Statement of Purpose (SOP) is critical towards securing an admission in a college of repute. An SOP is your opportunity to enlighten the admission committee, through an essay, who you are as a person, how strong your commitment is behind seeking admission to the university and what value addition you shall provide to your would-be peers and the university.


In the 21st century, you are competing with students possessing diverse, exemplary skills worldwide. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of students with a rich understanding of social issues, coming from myriad backgrounds, and honing expert writing skills - all competing with you for a limited number of seats in a premier institution!


We, at EduMiles, are experienced SOP writers. Our core team members have studied in renowned colleges and universities worldwide for various degrees.


We excel in 3 areas that equip us to assist you with your SOP, as you seek admission to a foreign or Indian institute of repute.



Every day, across India, there are thousands of students who are applying to management colleges. So, what sets you apart? Our seasoned team and faculty will have one-on-one conversations with you to build an SOP where your strengths, qualities and special skills are highlighted



If your SOP is a treatise on how a degree from the institute will help you climb the corporate ladder, not many admission evaluators may take notice. After all, everyone does that! We help the candidate reflect and articulate on what is their life ambition and how does that have a social, professional or academic edge


There are many beautiful stories in the world, but not all are beautifully told. With a team of experts in Communication and Interpersonal skills, we help the candidate communicate with confidence and ease, which are the essence of an effective and persuasive essay

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