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About us

EduMiles is dedicated to providing personalised Career Assessment, Mentoring and Guidance to students across North East India. 

During our professional and academic stints across India and overseas, we realised the enormous social impact that we could create, by enlightening and guiding students on the various vistas in Education that they could pursue, effectively and successfully, as a career choice.

EduMiles leverages its knowledge of the North East and the global work experience and Network Effect (IIM, IIFT, NIT, Delhi University, Jadavpur University) of its core team members to facilitate reverse brain drain in the North East.

In the long run, we hope to use education as an enabler for regional development in North East India and beyond.

Our Vision

Provide a platform to empower students, through conversations around career building and other soft skills, as the student prepares to cross the threshold from high school to college.

Addresses 3 pertinent questions for students and parents of
North East India

Choices to Students

How can students know about various career choices and align those to their abilities, values, personalities and interests?

Skilling Parents 

How does one skill parents with information and awareness to approach their children's diverse areas of career interests?

Competition Ready

Despite capability and talent to match their peers, why do students from North East India under-perform in examinations?